If you have chosen to outsource your payroll function, here are some things you should look for when selecting a payroll provider:

  1. Accuracy – can the payroll provider deliver a high-quality service without making errors?
  2. Experience – does the provider have a long track record of providing payroll services?
  3. Efficiency – can the provider complete the task of administering the company’s payroll quickly and efficiently? Is their service tailored to your company’s individual payroll needs? If you need it, can the provider cope with the need to deal with overtime payments, bonuses, commission payments, redundancy, maternity/paternity pay, child support payments, auto-enrolment pension contributions, payments to other employee benefit schemes and other business expenses? If you are expanding and taking on more staff, can the provider cope with the increased workload?
  4. High levels of IT security – with cybersecurity becoming an increasingly important issue for companies of all types, does the provider have secure IT systems, with virus protection, firewalls, password protection, encryption etc.? It would not be a pleasant task for you to explain to your employees that their personal details have been stolen due to a security breach at the payroll provider
  5. Friendliness – does the provider offer good customer service and deal with you in a friendly and approachable way? Do they answer the phone promptly and answer email and social media queries quickly? Are they available to answer queries throughout normal business hours, and preferably at other times as well? Does the provider offer you a dedicated personal contact, rather than making you go through a call centre?

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  1. Value for money – as with most things in life, when selecting a payroll provider one gets what one pays for. It is therefore necessary to pay a certain amount in order to receive a quality service in return. But nevertheless, a good payroll provider’s charges will be affordable to a regular small business, and their charging structure will be transparent
  2. Satisfied previous clients – can the provider supply a series of testimonials and references from a range of clients who they have worked for?

When looking to outsource your payroll, it can be difficult to know which option is best for your business to fully meet your needs. Get in touch with our payroll experts at Talk Staff Payroll, we’re happy to talk your through the process and decide what is best option for you.